One of the frameworks that offer a very nice support for jQuery is Zend Framework.
Zend Framework is an open source framework implemented in PHP 5 by the developers of PHP. Zend framework is a highly MVC(Model–View–Controller) based framework that makes developing PHP web application much easier.

For those who aren’t familiar with MVC, well MVC is a application architecture that consists in separating any application by 3 major components: Model(manages the behavior and data of the application), View(creates/defines the visual interface), Controller (is the middle men between the input and the models, receives input and initiates a response by making calls on model objects).

Zend framework integrated the use of jQuery in the View, so jQuery can be used very easy in the View templates.
First jQuery is added to the view helper path like this:

view->addHelperPath("ZendX/JQuery/View/Helper", "ZendX_JQuery_View_Helper").

Now we can crete simple Ajax links :

$this->ajaxLink("A link", "/hello/world", array('update' => '#content'))?>

In view the javascript library must be loaded.

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