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jQuery event namespacing.

One day I had a very interesting problem. I created a plugin with a scroll event that I had to add/remove, but I realized I can add the event but then how do I remove just my event? .. a .unbind(‘scroll’) call would remove all scroll events, not only the event added by me.

So after a little digging I found “Namespaced events” support in jQuery. What does this mean?…Well one can add a event within a specific namespace and then remove that events from that namespace.

Here is a example, in which I will add a scoll event then remove my scoll event:
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jQuery Mobile Development (jQueryMobile)

For those interested in mobile app development I would like to present a solution for creating web apps for mobile devices using the jQuery mobile framework.

The jQuery mobile framework helps create web apps using the simple “write less, do more” on which the jQuery framework was build. Using the framework creating smart and touch-optimized web apps is very easy.

The framework allows for creating apps that work across mobile platforms like iOS, Android or any other.

This is the blueprint for a mobile page:
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